Get ready to spark your creativity and become a great gift giver for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and surprises. We’ve brainstormed everything from sentimental keepsakes to silly gag gifts to help you find the perfect present for the special someone in your life.

Give on a budget

Presents shouldn’t induce cringe every time you check your account balance. Quality time together is priceless. Play a board game, give a massage, or take a hike together. Want to give a tangible gift, too?

Bring new meaning to “It’s the thought that counts” with a gift-giving tradition called Dollar Store Madness. From practical to strange, local dollar stores carry a variety of items that make the perfect grab bag for your loved one. Combine any of these items:

  • Favorite candy
  • Toy(s) desired as a kid
  • A picture frame (fun photo sold separately)
  • A fun mug, glass, or candle holder
  • A calendar (with noteworthy dates filled in)
  • The weirdest thing in the store

Note: Each item selected should have a story behind it making the modest gift meaningful

Give comfort

Help your boo take rest and relaxation seriously with comfort items such as:

  • Plush bathrobes
  • Snuggly PJ’s
  • Soft throw blankets

Comfort isn’t limited to home items, there are also:

  • Scarves for cold commutes
  • Certificates to replace old running shoes
  • Noise-canceling headphones for open office spaces

Give a subscription

Opening a package is even more exciting when you don’t know what you’ll find inside. Give the gift of surprise and wonder with subscription boxes. Think of your special someone’s interests and select something they wouldn’t splurge on for themselves.

  • For adventurous appetites, consider Piquant Post for spices and seasonings that enhance flavorful meals.
  • Know an amateur interior decorator? GlobeIn offers artsy home accents that spark joy.
  • Inspire snazzy dressers with stylish accessory boxes such as Foot Cardigan or Jewelry Tree Club.

Give the best of you

Create a gift based on your best attributes.

  • Write a thoughtful letter, draw a comic strip, or craft a killer crossword puzzle.
  • Offer to tune up their car, organize their Blu-ray collection, or bake a batch of your coveted muffins.
  • Making mix tapes may have sadly become a thing of the past, but a Spotify playlist works just as well.

Give an experience

These gifts are perfect for the person who owns it all:

  • Tickets, please! Concerts, basketball games, movies, and tickets to other events don’t get added to the regifting box
  • Combine dinner and entertainment by attending a murder mystery-themed dinner or teppanyaki experience
  • Pottery, guitar, dance, and other classes turn dreams of learning a skill into a hobby to be enjoyed anytime

Give trendy treasure

Scrolling through bestsellers lists on Amazon can take hours and leave you more confused than ever. Uncommon Goods offers a more personal touch with their gift finder. If your glittery macaroni artwork or sock puppet bunnies won’t cut it, there are handmade hidden gems all over Etsy:

Give a getaway

Travel invigorates and inspires. A getaway doesn’t have to be expensive or planned months in advance to be a fun adventure:

  • Indulging in your favorite snacks and music out on the open road. Take a weekend road trip and stop at scenic viewpoints, create an Instagram story dedicated to the strangest souvenirs you find in gas stations, and (of course) play the license plate game.
  • Explore new spots in your hometown by making a list of all the places you’ve been meaning to stop by. Admire recently constructed hotel lobbies, sample the signature drink or appetizers at new-to-you restaurants, and bond by becoming a tourist in your own city.
  • Visit your dream destination together. Surprise your partner with a trip to the city where their favorite Netflix series takes place. Take your favorite foodie to the nearest culinary mecca. Maybe a trip to Morocco isn’t in your annual gift budget, but people drop hints about where they’d like to go. Listen and plan accordingly.


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